Todd Blackhurst

So who am I? Well, that’s a good question.

My family and I moved from Amarillo, Texas to Taichung in June of 2013. Weare independent missionaries sent from our home church in Texas and work alongside of our friends at Taichung Baptist Church as well as the International Mission Board.

Here in Taiwan, our primary work is with college and university students. I first came to Taichung in 2005 and subsequently returned almost every year since then on short term trips. Four years ago, God moved in our whole family to help us begin the journey to move here and serve as missionaries.

My wife and I have been married for over twenty years and we have three teenage children.

Since moving to Taiwan, I have learned to speak, read, listen and write Mandarin Chinese. I wouldn’t say I am fluent, but I can communicate pretty well. My goal is to become increasingly fluent in this language so I can preach and speak as freely in Chinese as I do in English. Every day I make a little more progress.

I believe the Bible is God’s Word, His complete and sufficient revelation to man. It is His story. It tells us everything we need to know in order to have a true and right relationship with our Creator, to live a full and meaningful life and to make sense of the world He has given us. In addition it tell us the truth about existence, both the physical and spiritual world.

I love people and hope to make your friendship. Come and join us as we meet together. I believe you will find a place unlike most others. A taste of something good to come.

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